Why choose Minibar Solutions?

High minibar prices often lead to a misconception among guests that hotels make huge profits from minibars. Unfortunately the reality is that for most hoteliers, high labour costs, unreported sales, tampering and other operational problems result in a loss or breaks even scenario. The situation has even led many upscale hotels to remove or empty minibars.
Problems with minibars are so endemic that one may ask the question: Is it possible to preserve quality, product choice and service levels of the minibar department, while actually achieving a profit from this department?

The simple answer is yes! With Minibar Solutions.

How does it work? How is it different from other systems?

Minibar Solutions is a highly-sophisticated computerised stock management system that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track inventory levels and automatically add consumed items to a guest’s room bill.

One can think of RFID tags as “bar codes” that can be read remotely. Each mini-bar item is “tagged” with an RFID tag that allows continual live tracking of all products and transactions across the entire Minibar network. Minibar Solution’s powerful server software analyses inventory, consumption, expiry dates and other data, and seamlessly posts reports and charges to the hotel’s property management system. Detailed and optimised Daily Refill Reports are generated, resulting in reduced labour costs.

Major Benefits

  • Reduction in labour by more than 50% over manual minibars. Only rooms with consumption are visited (typically less than one third of rooms have consumption)
  • Captures Lost Revenue 20% - 40%
  • Effective Expiry Date Management
  • Reduction in Product Tampering, increased Food Safety
  • Reduction in Guest Disturbances (rooms without consumption are not disturbed)
  • Reduced management overhead and complexity for Food and Beverage Department.
  • Increased financial accuracy and reporting.

A true Win Win Scenario - no Risk, CAPEX or Complexity!

The Minibar Solutions’ System reduces labour requirements, captures lost revenue , and increases net profits. Our innovative business model requires no capital expenditure from the hotelier.